Our services.


The investor experience.

Blueprint’s investor needs always come first. We see the investment process through the eyes of each investor and for their benefit have designed the Blueprint platform. It is a new alternative for alternative investment programs that combines experienced investment professionals, open-minded sourcing and disciplined investment research with operational resources, technology and cost-effective implementation.


We consult.

We actively engage with each investor to best understand every dimension of their governance, policies, investment objectives and portfolio. We transfer knowledge and act as a sounding board. Whatever, the issue, we respond creatively and resourcefully with analysis, thoughtful judgment, and follow-through.


We source.

We engage in a rigorous process of research and due diligence in an effort to identify strategies and managers across the alternative landscape. We use our extensive network built over many years of activity in the alternative marketplace to identity unique and undiscovered managers. We maintain high standards for investment and operational excellence and vigilantly search for strategies that deliver consistent high returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes.


We negotiate.

We are dedicated to thoughtfully managing the costs related to alternative investing including management fees, incentive fees and expense ratios. In today’s return environment, it is critically important to reduce these costs and preserve the profits for our investors. We leverage our relationships and scale with third-party managers to create an alignment of interests far superior to standard alternative commingled funds.


We structure.

We use third-party service providers and solutions to implement client portfolios. We often find that these structures are not efficient for investors. We are constantly searching for the right structure and benefit from having managed account capabilities that afford our investment professionals flexibility when structuring investments. The result is a custom vehicle that addresses the structural inefficiencies of commingled fund investing. 


We manage risk.

In addition to our careful selection of managers and implementation of client portfolios, our structure provides for enhanced and ongoing risk monitoring and assessment. Circumstances change at all levels of investment and risk taking. We monitor the regulatory landscape, capital markets, alternative managers and strategies our clients have exposure to and proactively seek to minimize the risk associated with each.