We do what is right.



It is your capital at risk. As an investor in alternative strategies, you have a right to transparency, reasonable fees and responsiveness from your alternative managers. We completely reject the idea that investors have to accept “one-sided” and "one size fits all" terms and conditions. A deep pool of talented alternative managers exists that understand the true meaning of partnership and alignment of interests.

Blueprint demystifies alternative investing for you and structures each investment to achieve better alignment of interests.

The right terms.

You are paying too much to alternative managers. Investing in alternatives doesn’t have to be so expensive. High management fees, high incentive fees coupled with high expense ratios are dragging down the performance of your investments. Today, you must consider risk, return and structure to achieve better alignment, transparency and importantly, lower fees.

Blueprint structures each investment so that profits are returned to their rightful place–the investor.


The right time.


From your point of view, the returns harvested from your alternatives portfolio have been disappointing. Despite levying high management and incentive fees, most alternative managers have failed to deliver the returns marketed at the outset of your relationship. The sooner you consider alternatives for your alternatives portfolio the closer you’ll be to maximizing the return on your investment.

Blueprint performs “no-cost” portfolio evaluations and action plans to help you start your portfolio transformation.