BCA is an independent, privately held investment firm. The firm is 100% owned and controlled by employees active day to day in creating value for our partners. We work tirelessly to uncover new investment opportunities across a range of asset classes and strategies. Through continuous qualitative and quantitative analysis and a view of the imminent macro-economic environment we select investments and deploy partner capital with a dual objective of maximizing returns and mitigating risks. Specifically, we seek to capitalize on systemic inefficiencies in alternative investing.

Our investing platform reflects deep insights developed through decades of experience working at leading hedge funds, fund of hedge funds and alternative consulting firms. Our 360 degree perspective on opportunistic investment strategies and structures is augmented by our investment professionals’ experience allocating capital inside some of the world’s most sophisticated institutions. This knowledge and structuring expertise enables us to maximize our partners’ profitability while increasing asset control and protection and affording position transparency.

Above all, our partners are our highest priority. This commitment is reflected in our culture and core values that include teamwork, work ethic, integrity and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.